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Dream Bigger

Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash

One of the most infectious people I’ve ever been around was a guy name Carlos Vargas. Carlos founded Hope of Life Intl. in Guatemala. I don’t know Carlos well, but had the pleasure of visiting his ministry back in 2015 and it transformed me and the way I think about dreams.

In my two days in Guatemala, I had the pleasure of seeing just a piece of what this man has dreamt over his 30 years devoted to sharing Christ with so many in this very third world country.

Several statements he made that left a profound mark on my life and ministry were:
People cannot hear of the love of a Savior when their bellies are starving.
I spend three hours alone every day set aside to just dream about what the Lord wants to do next.

The thing that struck me most about Carlos was that no dream was too extravagant and that every belly could be filled. That nothing could be off limits or outside the scope of what your faith can accomplish.

Naturally every person immediately begins to think through the logical ramifications of such dream. The reality is that dreams cost. Have you ever seen a dream that was cheap or cost effective!? Neither have I!

His perspective on that is that it’s the Lord’s problem to provide the capital but his problem to dream up what the Lord is going to pay for.

What a mentality!

I flew home from Guatemala with a renewed sense of determination. I realized that my dreams have been too small. I began to understand that it’s not the Lord who restrains, it’s actually me and the limitations of my faith.

It’s time to dream bigger and maybe it’s time to take a step toward that dream. The first thing you should do? Schedule some time, a few hours, to just dream about what might be.

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