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Worship is Life

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Worship is life

It’s been said that man can live only so long without food, a month or a little more maybe.

He can survive only a few days without water.

He have live just minutes without air.

But people cannot survive at all without hope!

The moment he realized he is hopeless, everything stops.

Hope is blood and worship is oxygen that is fueling that blood.
We must have worship!

The problem with time apart from worship is that the adversary begins to tell you, albeit ever so subtly, that you don’t need anything. He tells you that you are self sufficient and that allures you into other things that so occupy your time that you have no time for worship. He tells you that because without worship, suffocation eventually sets in.

One can be rendered completely useless in a matter of days because he hasn’t taken a spiritual breath.

We need worship!

It’s only after or during worship that we come to realize how long we’ve been without it. We come to see just how life-giving it is and the extend of our need for it.

We are a people born for worship

It is why those who have never worshipped cling to such devastating things, because they are seeking worship on menial level.

The writer of Hebrews puts this on a whole other level by saying that we should never get in the habit of avoiding worship.
Without this determination of joining together, isolation is chosen and worship is rejected. At all costs, worship must happen!

I see and interact with so many people today that have gotten in the habit of neglecting this togetherness, and ultimately, worship. Whatever lie they are believing, who knows, but they see that assembly as just a thing that happens on Sunday. For those who have really experienced the goodness of worship that happens when God’s people join together to raise their voices, it’s as though oxygen is filling their lives and hope revives all because of worship.

How do you know if this defines you? Well a number of ways. First, if you feel that you need it. As if you were drowning and you desperately needed to take a deep breath as if your life depended on it.
Second, if you feel none of those things. Because, it’s in that place that you’ve been so long without the oxygen of worship that you need it the most.

People who need worship the most are the ones who feel they need it the least.

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