Money Week!

I love having money.

So do you.

Look there, now you’ve already crossed your arms and written me off as a heretic pastor who visits places like Preacher Bar in Cocoa Beach, Florida, but not so!

You see Paul wrote to Timothy in 1 Timothy- “But those who crave the wealth of this world slip into spiritual snares. They become trapped by the troubles that come through their foolish and harmful desires, driven by greed and drowning in their own sinful pleasures. And they take others down with them into their corruption and eventual destruction. Loving money is the first step toward all kinds of trouble. Some people run after it so much that they have given up their faith. Craving more money pushes them away from the faith into error, compounding misery in their lives!” ‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭6:9-10‬ ‭TPT‬‬

You see Paul’s caution to Timothy and sequentially, the leaders of the Church, was that they must never allow money to have them.

When money has you, you have a serious problem!

You can spot these people everywhere. They are super stingy and won’t let a dollar go for anything. They are indifferent toward the vast needs of people around them although everyone has some ability to do something to help.

But those are just superficial issues. Their quest for financial freedom is that it is a constantly moving target which they can never actually hit. As soon as a financial goal is hit, the target then has to be moved farther because the feeling of freedom is now larger than it was before. There is never enough money! That is when money has you and you’ve become the person that Paul cautions against.

You see, they don’t love having money, they just love money completely. It becomes the very definition of who they are.

Having money affords you the opportunity to do things and go places, but most importantly it gifts you the ability to demonstrate generosity which is a God quality.

I recently read a book by Robert Kiyosaki called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It is one of the most dynamic books on finance I’ve ever read, and one of the catalyst piece that changed my perspective on finance altogether.

In this book, Robert talks about his interaction with religion in his early days and he was altogether turned off by those who spoke evil of money. His perspective became that these people, who clearly didn’t have much money, made it their religious mission to ensure that no one has much money because if you have a lot of money than you must be caught up in its evil nature.

No no no that cannot be true! That’s when money has you.

He came to the astoundingly profound realization that money must never be treated any different than a tool in a toolbox. That’s all it is and all it ever will be. And when treated at such, it works perfectly.

Honestly, what I believe we see today is purely a lack of monetary education and therefore a misrepresentation of what and how money should be treated. It’s specifically why we see people who splurge at everything and purely react rather than plan. Because money has you.

You see the problem of money at every level of bank account status. You can have $10 to your name and suffer from the problem of money having you. The status of your bank account is not the problem, it’s the condition of your heart.

I think this biblical problem runs much deeper than we think it does and it runs even in the shallowest of bank accounts. One can have completely broke and still suffer from the disease that Paul identifies as the root of all eviI. Consequentially, you could also be a millionaire and never be touched by the decaying nature of that disease. It’s all comes down to who is the owner — the money or the person?

What’s your perspective on this? and what is your takeaway? Take a minute and engage with me in this thought process.

So this week, I plan to do some writing on money. It’s a topic I feel I know a bit about. I don’t suffer from this aforementioned condition, but I do and have spent some time getting educated financially. When you learn about the tool of money, you know how it works and how to make it work for you. I want you to learn some of those things, if nothing more, than to hopefully make your world a bit better to live in. Join me?

2 thoughts on “Money Week!”

  1. Ardell Jones says:

    I like how you phrased it :

    ‘ The status of your bank account is not the problem, it’s the condition of your heart ‘

    I enjoy the topic or money as well and I really would like to learn how to use and manage it better. I’m excited to see what you have to say in further articles.

    Thanks for this!

    1. Kevin Elworth says:

      Thanks for the comment, Ardell, I really appreciate your thoughts and your reading.
      I’ve got more coming this week about money, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts…

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