Time to Decompress

Just needing a few minutes this morning. So Thankful for an understanding and compassionate wife who sees this and makes it possible for me to escape and decompress. I’ll be a better husband and father because of it. It’s necessary from time to time.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a great week, but today i’m feeling majorly depleted. Just empty again. I can tell in moments like these, when I’ve not facilitated for the Spirit to remain surface level that my defenses are weak. I’ve not allowed for worship moments this week and that deadens my ability to live Spirit-filled. I get short with my kids. I’m not completely loving toward my wife. I lack the Spiritual willingness to be the pastor that I’m called to be. All signs of being depleted of surface level Spirit filled moments.

It’s time to refill.

Thirty minutes alone doesn’t do it. It never will. This is a life style that must be kept. Fostering attention to the Spirit is something that must be done daily. It’s a discipline. It’s like exercise. You don’t realize how long it’s been since you been at the gym until you go back and find that you aren’t as strong as you once were because you’re depleted.

People display so many signs of depleted Spirits. They’re everywhere. You can see it in the way they act toward the ones they love the most.
You can see it when they step into church for what they think will be a magical moment of revitalization only to walk out disappointed that they didn’t “feel it”.

I agree, worship is emotional. Anyone who says it’s not has either one of two problems. 1) They’ve never been to Latin America. 2) They’ve never read the bible. Isaiah 6 is a sure sign of an emotional worship setting.
The reason why people don’t “feel worship” is because of their void of worship through every other moment of their lives. They simply haven’t put themselves in a position of awe of the Savior.

Nothing is different from our personal relationships either. You would find the same results with your spouse. Absence eventually removes reverence, love, affection.

If absence is long enough, you’ll eventually find indifference.

This is why we see so many still and sullen faces on any given Sunday. People just haven’t been around the Savior like they should be. They haven’t been mindful of him, his love, his grace, and his mercy that’s continually displayed to them whether they have given him attention or not.

I could devour moments like this. I wish they could endure forever. That’s the beauty of time spent in worship. It sharpens my soul. I walk away better. I only want enough of it to be drawn back to it again tomorrow.

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