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Prone to wander

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Does the presence of sin in our lives or its habitual occurrence negate our relationship with Christ? Paul says “no” (Romans 5-6) but that it’s obviously not beneficial for the whole. “Do we keep on sinning so God can keep on forgiving?” Rom 6:1. Even in just his continuing sentence in this chapter, he alludes to the fact that the grace of God is complete.

Look at the stories of the past. David, the warrior and man after God’s own heart. Such defiance. Such a scandalous sinner. Paul claims that he was the chiefest of sinners, but when you compare him to David, I’m not so sure. David was so selfish and in a moment of weakness and in complete defiance of the Spirit’s leading, he chose and chose and chose again to serve himself, fulfill his flesh and silence the Spirit. And yet the grace we see ported from the demeanor of God is nothing but grace and forgiveness.

Remember these are preChrist days so the age of grace is not yet establish. He was in the age of judgement and sacrifice. Yet God comes and offers patience and forgiveness. Certainly David paid for his sin. He paid an incredibly high price. Exorbitant in fact but in comparison to what he cost others, his charge was minor and if he could have adjusted his perspective after the fact the consequences would have been much less.

The reality is that God cannot stop being gracious.

The problem is my heart. My heart always wants what it wants. It wants to be selfish. It wants to be secretive. Secrecy is the pathway to broken relationships. Secrecy makes you the king of your own castle and the owner of everything you “deserve” in life. It teaches your heart that you are master and everyone else is slave to you because, in your kingdom, you have never done anything wrong.

My heart is deceitful among so many things, and it’s desperately wicked. We’ve got to see ourselves in the condition that we really are. We are desperately wicked people, and just like David, we are prone to self-service. Given the opportunity, any of us are capable of doing the very same thing that David did on that rooftop so long ago. One look, one decision that my life is empty, people are not serving me the way they should be. If they had the perspective they really should have about me, they would be serving me with much greater passion.

God you’ve got to handle our hearts. Have it all God. Left to ourselves, we do nothing but destroy. We destroy our own lives, our own relationships, and our own lives because left to ourselves, we serve ourselves.

God take my heart today. Forgive me for the way my heart is prone to wander.

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