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How can I help

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

I love to help people.

It hasn’t always been that way. I used to be very self absorbed. Very focused on me and what I can get and how I can get ahead in this cut throat world.

Over the past years, I’ve come to realize how amazing it is to be there for people when they need it most or even when they don’t think they need it at all.

Most of the time, the help I provide is super simple. It’s nothing profound and because of that, sometimes I tend to minimize it and think it’s not for anything really. Until I see the face on the other side of the words. There’s relief, there’s acceptance and sometimes, with any luck, there might be a semblance of clarity.

Most that know me, know my love for all things coffee. I spend most of my Tuesday living at a Starbucks.
Recently, when a new Starbucks opened in Shippensburg, PA, where our Church is located, I was elated with their thinking I was worth their building my new office location. Some loathe over the idea of working from a cafe, but I love the idea.

That first Tuesday I rolled into my new office location and was overwhelmed with their choice of office furniture. So light, simple and minimal, it was perfect! Upon entry, it happened! I saw no less than 5 people from our church that I knew and knew me and I was able to drill down into conversations with people that just wanted to connect.

And now, every time I’ve been back, they are there, not necessarily to meet with me, but many times they do and I love it.

Sometimes we feel our best productivity is accomplishment and checking off our to do lists but the reality is that as we follow the model of Christ, our mission is the people around us. Especially for this season. There is something nastolgic about the holidays that offers us some really amazing opportunity to connect and minister to people in so many different places.

How about you? How have you found opportunity to connect with people and help them?
Adversely, how have you found is overwhelming to engage with people during seasons of our most busyness? What’s your angle on how to attack that?

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