Christmas Eve Eve

Merry Christmas Eve Eve.

Isn’t this just the best time of the year?

There are so many things to love about Christmas.

For our family, it’s the time to just be. Be together, be spontaneous, be ridiculous, be fun, be tired, be full, be thankful, but for all of those to just be.

What’s your favorite Christmas Tradition?

Our’s is probably just like yours. Since I pastor a church, Christmas times becomes Church Super Bowl Season. More so than Easter, believe it or not. It’s mostly because the holiday season tends to add more things to be a part of. But that’s what I love the most. I love seeing and being a part of a church family that loves to lean in to serve together.
But for Christmas Eve, our family is hard at it with church. Being a part of a growing church means multiple church services on Christmas Eve to host the hundreds that are coming to remember the gift and birth of a Savior.

We love that.

It takes our entire day, but it’s so good to be and do together.

After the last of our Christmas Eve services end around 8PM, we’ll head home put on a Christmas movie and start our holiday together.
Crystal and I will wrap those last gifts after our little crew heads to bed where they will try to sneak out in the middle of the night to start Christmas day super early (3AM one year!)

Oh it’s so so good!

I hope yours is too!

Can’t wait to hear about it.

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