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and just like that…

And just like that, it’s over. All that wrapping paper in trash bags out by the street. Think of all the time you spent wrapping all those gifts! The gifts are all over the house and all semblance of normal is frozen along with the grass on the front lawn.

It’s always funny to me to discover what actually was the most desired gift and most of the time it’s the last thing you’d expect.
The box the toy came in that become the fort that they’d play forever around.
For our crew it seems that it was nerf darts. Years ago Crystal and I built them a nerf gun wall where they could hang all their guns and tubs for darts and it never seemed like they mattered at all. Until this year.
There is also the constant sound of drumming echoing through the house as Austin lays down the beat with the drum set a family from church gifted to him.

After Crystal and I put our crew to bed on the night of Christmas, I made the comment that it seems to go so fast and for what! She laughed at me and I think got a little mad! She was like, I did all the wrapping and all the buying of gifts! I laughed. She was right! But she graciously agreed with me at the same time.

Christmas goes by so fast!

Don’t you wish, sometimes, that those moments would last just a little bit longer? That they would stretch out just a bit farther?

What was your Christmas like? What did you love about it? What did you miss?

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