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Goodbye 2019!

Photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash

Twenty-Twenty is just hours away! Can you believe it!? We’re about to be in the roaring twenties!

I love the start of a new year, there’s just nothing quite like it. Typically for me, I like to spend the last days of the current year reminiscing over the past year and reliving some of the great as well as some of the painful moments that characterized the year we are leaving behind. I love the memory of where the Lord brought us as you can look back and see some of the vast valley’s He’s brought us through and across some of the vast mountain ranges He’s directed us over.

How was it for you? Is 2019 a year you’re ready to leave in the rear-view mirror or one that you could stand to enjoy a while longer?

I’m indifferent to that question. One way or the other, it makes no difference to me.

However, this has been one of the hardest on Crystal. Physically, she faced some of the most profound and scary things as the Lord saw fit to allow her to endure one of the most difficult medical situations she has ever faced. She suffered through weeks of bedrest and some incredible pains that were somehow so illusive. Lasting 8 weeks from the end of January through March, it rendered her out of commission. It was a sad sight to see and the feeling of helplessness was unbearable for me and so many around us that just wanted to grant her relief from the pains.

Somehow those moments seem but a distant memory now, but I do remember at the time being brought to the point of wondering if this was something that was going to end her life. I know she faced that same fear during that season.

Thankfully that is gone now and we discovered that she was suffering from a spinal fluid leak that was able to self-heal with her intense bed rest. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

In spite of trouble we faced we also accomplished a load of goodness that I enjoy looking back on as we finish this year. I want to just list them here and then talk through them at another point, if you’re so included to read on.

What we were able to enjoy:

  • A trip to Florida together with Grandma visiting two Disney parks, Cocoa Beach, an alligator airboat tour, Airbnb and so many other goodnesses. On our way home, we asked the kids what their favorite experience was. We were a bit shocked to hear that it was the pool at the house where we were staying. Good to know! From now on, summer excursions will simply be to the local pool!
  • A week at the Lake with my family, fishing, boating, camping, smore(ing) and just enjoying time at the lake.
  • A three-day trip to Waco, Texas with my sweet wife as a celebration of living through the worst season of our lives with her illness last winter.
  • Several day trips up to the lake to boat, tube, and ski.

What we were able to do:

  • Change our front door and renovate our entry area putting in ship lap from floor to ceiling.

Things we learned:

  • I’m learning how to blog. Crystal is learning so many things. (Calligraphy is at the top of her list). She is also, always at some point in a business venture almost all the time. She just loves to try things.

Goals we accomplished:

  • We bought, renovated, refinanced and rented our first “second” property. This was a huge one for me that I’ll write about at another time.
  • We were able to pay off a huge amount of debt by working hard and staying focused. With a bit more intentionality, we’ll be debt free (apart from our house) by October 2020.

So how was this year for you? What is something you loved about this year?
How about something you are glad to see behind you?

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