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Can I go to the bathroom?

Can I have a piece of candy?

Can we read a book?

I wondered if I could say something but I didn’t know.

Have you ever stopped and took stock with how many times we ask permission on any given day?

I bet if permission was just granted, about 50% of our interactions would just disappear. (With that said, you do know that about 89% of statistics are made up on the spot, right? 😉 )

For our home, there is a constant bombardment of questions on rapid fire, mostly in mommas direction, that resemble the above. Oh, there’s nothing that irritates momma more than the endless encumbrance of questions! Most of the time, our crew feel they need to have direct permission for every single thing they do, say, or eat!? We are probably part to blame in this, but, I don’t know. Maybe we have so restricted their lives that we have required permissions without seeing it.

What we also find is that people are constantly looking for permissions when it comes to life, relationships and especially church.

There is a certain stigma that happens when you cross the threshold of a sanctuary that leads you to believe that you need permission first.

On a recent Sunday, someone came up to me following the close of my talk and just said something to the effect of, I wanted to respond to you there but I didn’t know if I was allowed to speak.

Rarely am I quick witted but I shot back as fast as I could, sometimes the sermon in the seats is better than the one from the stage.

Where did we loose track and find ourselves needed and requiring permission for everything in life?

I think it comes from previous church experience where many were taught that they should sit and not speak and that they needed permission in order to do anything. That God was tolerant but really not that tolerant. I get the feeling sometimes that people feel they are just barely skirting by on the grace of God and that if they disturb any part of the process, he’s going to lose it and go off on them. So better to ask permission than to get into severe trouble.

With that, I want to give you something that I hope will help you along the way. I want to give your permission slip. You can sign is as your own authority.

This is your permission to seek the Lord while he may be found and in any manner you want to.
Every week, at Grand Point Ship, we try to use that language so that people know whatever worship needs to look like for them on a given Sunday, that’s cool by us, so here’s your permission slip.

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