How to produce excellence

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I used to be a perfectionist.

Somewhere along the way I started to relax my grip on what ended up perfect. I’m not sure at what point I started not caring so much but in some parts of my life, I like the fact that not everything has to look at feel perfect. Maybe it’s some of the Latin blood that runs through my veins and the concept of “mañana”.

My wife, though, she’s a perfectionist. Everything must be done to the “T”. No exceptions; and honestly, I really like that she has that about her. It gives me the opportunity to not be so perfect!

When it comes to the church, (for me, that’s my career world, for you it might be something totally different), I still thrive on things being done with perfection. The products we produce as a church, and you for your business, should come off the line with perfection and that should give you an attitude of pride and a sense of accomplishment. If it does not, eventually your customers, and my audience, will figure out that we are essentially “mailing it in” and not giving it everything we’ve have to give.

They deserve excellence.

The $64,000 question becomes this:

What comprises excellence?
What is the recipe that produces an excellent product?

Everything we do in the life of the church is sought to be done with perfection.

While I’ve learned is that not everything in life needs done with perfection, I believe that gives freedom to increase it where it really does matter.

I’ve learned that the equation for excellence is comprised of three necessary components that, when given the appropriate attention, they will add up to the product of excellence your business needs.

  • Intentionality

This is my new favorite word. I probably use it a dozen times per day. It just makes sense to me that if what you are producing is not done with specificity it’s not going to be done with excellence or perfection either. I’ve found that you’ve got to ask very narrow questions about what you are doing. Begin looking at your product from a different angle and ask questions about it that will help you.

  • Clarity

You cannot be excellent if you’re not clear. If you cannot clearly define what you’re envisioning maybe the time for launch or proposal has not yet arrived. In my world, the realm of professional public speaking, clarity is paramount. Typically I preach my weekly message alone in my office or on some grassy outdoor space so I can hear myself speak. What I find is that if I cannot clearly articulate my point when no one is around I cannot clearly convey it before a filled room either. Spend some time and clarify your vision.

  • Quality

It’s no surprise that I love coffee. I love everything about it. The smell, the culture, the taste, the conversations that happen around it. But nothing is worse than a cup that’s not up to par. Someone, somewhere short-changed on quality and just pushed the product. Quality is important to every person, so it stands to reason that what you are seeking to distribute must be met with extreme quality.

When you add these three components together–Intentionality, Clarity, Quality-– what results of nothing but excellence. Excellence can be put on automation simply by drilling down into your teams, your families, your crews that we are intentional, we are clear and we believe high in quality because everyone deserves elements of excellence in their world.

Share with me/us your perspective on this. What’s your formula for achieving something superb in your circle of the world?

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