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The Value of Purpose

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“What am I supposed to do with my life?” The various forms of that questions are probably the most widely asked questions I get as a pastor. Everyone wants to know that they are doing something of value. Recently I listened to sports sensation, Tim Tebow, talk about his desire for purpose in life and many simply assume that when you’re involved in a life of such celebrity that becomes the best purpose of all. He easily and quickly pointed to the fact that to him sports was an on-ramp to a much greater purpose of helping people who are desperate and in need of a helping hand. What a story! But what does that mean for you?

We’ve got to look at our lives, jobs and resources as on-ramps for purpose. Your job probably isn’t your purpose in life but it can provide the means by which you accomplish that greater purpose.

I talk to so many people who just feel empty. They work so hard to get their stuff but at the end of the day all they feel they are doing is keeping up with their stuff. Earlier in their lives they made the assumption that a nice house, a drivable car (one that progresses in luxury as you get older), a good paying job, is the stuff of happiness and satisfaction. But when you get down to it none of those things matters much at all. It’s all found in purpose.

After Jesus was baptized and had gone through the wilderness season, he left from there and started recruiting followers. In Mark 1 he first encounters Simon and Andrew who are fisherman and he tells them that if they follow him they will become fishers of men. Naturally I have to assume there was more said than what was written but the premise is the same.

Follow me and I’ll give you purpose.

I think the call of God for each of our lives is something much like that. Follow me and I’ll show you real life. A life of value. A life that is comprised of something of more than enriching your own life.

So what’s your purpose? Maybe you can’t answer that question today and so I would encourage you to spend some time processing through it to really discover what would happen to your life if Jesus showed up and said follow me and I’ll give you purpose.

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