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How to get it all done

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Do you ever feel like you just can’t get things finished? Or how about that desire to really be productive, but at the end of the day/week/month and eventually year?
It’s so hard to get the movement, traction you need to really stay on top of it all. The crazy part is that once you get that traction, it’s equally as hard to keep it.
Have you ever really fought through all the mess, the noise and distraction and finally make it to the sweet spot where you are knocking stuff out, only to be met with a sidetrack thought and find yourself back into a 30 minute quest on youtube for stupid videos? Those moments are the worst because then you have to fight that resistance again to refocus and get back into that amazing zone.

You’ve got to find some tools that will help you with that and I thought I’d give you some ideas for what I’ve found that help with my flow. I am at the spot in life where I would consider myself to be a highly productive leader. There is a lot of balance that happens in my life and the only reason so much is accomplished is because of the rules I have put in place in my own life that help me thrive.

The most important tool for absolute productivity IS ACTUALLY FREE!

I hope you’re not disappointed with this astounding revelation, but it is so true.

The most important tool for absolute productivity, is your mind.

Think about it, (with your mind), if you are constantly telling yourself that you cannot accomplish anything that you’ve been rendered ineffective even before you began. It’s as if you shouldn’t bother even dreaming about anything because in your mind there is no chance of its eventual completion anyway. Save your self some disappointment and unpause your Netflix binge.

Before you become productive, you really must decide that you want to actually be productive and that you’re not going to allow the lies to overcome your desire to be effective.

There are a lot of lies that pop up when you start anything.

You have too many distractions around you.

You don’t have an adequate working environment.

You have too many kids.

You don’t have the right tools.

You’re not smart enough.

You don’t have enough time.

You don’t have enough money to begin.

You don’t know the steps to take.

The lies will always over take you if you listen to them.

Start telling yourself today that you do have what it takes to unleash that dream you have brewing inside of you.

Now scare yourself and declare that you are actually going to get it done…This year!

Now really scare yourself and take the first step in doing so and tell someone what it is and that you’re going to do it.

And there you go, you just looked square in the dark eyes of resistance and called it out. You won that match!

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