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Re-up your Why

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My amazing Full Focus Planner, that I talked about recently, has quotes listed on each daily page. One of those quotes has stuck with me since the first day I read it. “You lose your way when you lose your why”– Gail Hyatt.

What a quote! So thought provoking and drawing us to an almost painful reality.

When is the last time you considered your why?

Why do you do it that way?

Why do you attend that thing?

Why do you spend it on that?

Why do you work there?

Why do you do that?

For everything you do in your life, there is a why attached. You may not know it, but at some point you, whether consciously or unconsciously, you made a why decision and now you’re stuck with it.

One of the best decisions I’ve made in my life was to decide my why ahead of time.

When decide why before you decide what, you’re why becomes a filter for everything you do. You can save yourself so much headache when your decisions are based on your why more than your wants.

Your wants are what you choose when you are simply reacting your way through life. You know what I mean. You react to your hunger and just decide on a whim to go out to eat. That decision becomes something you regret later because, even though subconsciously, it didn’t fit your why. You didn’t have the money to spend on it because that money was tied up with another why.

Bad example.

Here’s a better. I was walking through Target, I was there to buy laundry detergent and I came home with all these new clothes because they were on sale. Have you ever justified your decisions so you can hopefully convince yourself they fit your why? Watch out for those moments, they speak more of you than you know.

Do you know how much you can actually accomplish in life if you just decide your why?

Why do you exist?

Why do you continue to work there?

There are a million angles you can take this to that will help you understand why you’re doing the things you’re doing, or better yet, what you should be doing differently to give you a more joyful outcome.

Talk to me. What does this reveal to you?
Do you have your why?
Do you know how to get it?

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