Grand Point - Ship

Where Hope Is Found

Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash

My wife arranges all my clothes for me as I am completely crippled when it comes to anything fashionable. You know you have a loving spouse when they do things like that.

Let me really wow you though. Not only does she arrange my clothes for me, but she also pics out sample designs put them into a picture collage and print them out for me to reference so I can feel like I do it myself.

What a wife!

So as part of this style, she started making me sport wristbands, calling them accessories. I didn’t know I needed accessories, but here we are…

Someone gave me the most amazing wristband recently. It’s literally the coolest thing ever. It has coordinates on it. They gave them to me and Crystal together and when we input the coordinates, you’ll never believe what they point to….

They point directly to our Church, Grand Point Church–Shippensburg.

I was overwhelmed when I saw that, and was further amazed and humbled at their thoughtfulness and generosity.
But what an awesome idea!

The first thing that popped into my head was that I now wear on my arm where hope can be found.

Our world is in desperate need of real hope. There’s a famine for it all throughout the world right now. People are looking for hope, literally, everywhere and they’ll stop at nothing in effort to try to find the real deal.

We have the edge on hope. Hope has a name, it’s Jesus and you can meet Him…at Grand Point Ship.

We have a little slogan that’s beginning to characterize us who attend Grand Point Ship. We are Hope Dealers and our dispensary is Grand Point Ship. It’s where Hope is Dealt Daily. Under the clammy glow of the street lights in the parking lot, we can be found, praying with people, encouraging, lifting up, fighting battles on the Spiritual levels, all in effort of people discovering hope again.

Do you need hope? I can tell you where to find it, the coordinates are on my wrist.

Are you a hope dealer? Awesome! Tell your story and how you infiltrated someone with hope for tomorrow.

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