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You’re Worth More than You Think You Are!

Photo by Alex Lopez on Unsplash

How much time do you spend looking in a mirror?

That can vary with every person, can’t it?

I spend next to no time in front of a mirror, whereas my wife, is tied up there for a while longer! My daughter, Taylor, still more than that. There is just this sense of perfection that needs to be finished, and clearly, that takes time.

It’s one thing to get ready in front of a mirror, but have you ever just looked at yourself in mirror? What do you see?

Clearly, a reflection. That’s what you see, a representation of yourself.

People don’t typically look at themselves, they look for the flaws they can fix, do what they can, and then move on.

The more time spent looking at myself in the mirror, the more opportunity there is to get disgusted with myself and think worse of me than I already do.

It’s a dangerous thing, this mirror is! If you look hard enough, it’ll reflect some of the most painful parts of your own soul, because only the person looking into the mirror fully knows the deeper content.

We are hard on ourselves.

Sometimes, ruthlessly hard.

If I think this of myself, what must God think?

Well, I have hopeful news for you. Because you were created in his image, he looks at you with a proud element of perfection.

You need to see yourself through the lens of the Creator and the way He looks at you is with a flare through perfection. The beauty of our acceptance into Christ is that when God looks at all, all He can see if the shed blood of Christ over our lives. To Him, there is no distinction of sin there is only the perfection of Christ.

Here’s what I’ve done in the past when I’ve struggled with what God must think of me. I’ve always prayed that He would simply open my eyes to see myself as He sees me. And every time, He has done that in some creative manner that I did not expect.
The next thing I did was to pray that same prayer, only this time about people around me- God let me see others the way you see them.

That prayer will change you! It’ll change everything about you and the way you walk, talk and interact with people you run into every single day.

Next time you look in the mirror, smile. You’re worth more than you think you are.

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