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Lessons for my Crew- Hard Work

Work hard boys. There’s nothing more valueable than the beauty of scared hands.

Learn to fix thing that are difficult to figure out. It will make you want to pull your hair out and cause bruised and bloody knuckles but when you’re finished, you’ll look at your hard work with admiration and accomplishment in your eyes.

Some of the proudest moments of my life are wrapped around projects of complexity. Things that stood taller, felt stronger, and were heavier than I could do on my own.

Don’t shy away from things that are too tough for you. You must not resort to defeat because a thing is too confusing. You have what it takes to figure it out. You’re smart enough, your strong enough, the only thing that you must decide is that you are resilient enough!

The strength of your mind is the most resilient power you possess. Only you are able to allow someone to defeat the power of your mind.
There will always be someone stronger than you.
There will always be someone smarter than you.
There will aways be someone wealthier than you.

The only thing they don’t have on you, is the power of what you don’t tell them. Hold fast the power of your determination. Let them think you’re defeated, only to show them later on, they had no effect on your resilience.

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