Break the Resistance

I’m in a funk today. Can’t break out of it. I know what it takes to break free, but I don’t want to do it. Too lazy. Uninspired. Indifferent. I just don’t care today. Besides that, I’m tired. The reason I’m tired is because I haven’t broken free from the resistance. All I have to do is look the hard ugly image of resistance in the face and tell it to get off. Man that’s hard to do.

Resistance comes in so many different forms. It’s the small voice in the morning telling you that the sleep you got last night was not enough and so you should sleep longer. It’s the sensation telling you that you really do deserve another drink or piece of cake. It’s the notion that you should just linger a little longer because whatever it is that you should be doing can wait.

We know this! If resistance is allowed to win, we accomplish nothing. We atrophy. We watch every other person decide that someone else will forge ahead and we have succumb to the invisible forces that restrict, suffocate, drown, and wither beneath the seemingly unmovable force of resistance.

I’ve got to determine to be a resistance fighter.


Because it’s worth it.

Because for every day…no every opportunity! that resistance takes over in my life, I’ve essentially lost something. I won’t let that happen. How much has been lost to ingenuity because someone was restrained by the powerful dark forces of resistance?

Today we become resistance fighters! Raise your fist in the face of restraint and cast it off. Look that resistance square in the eye and determined that today is not your day! It’s mine, so back off and let me do my work, conquer my worlds, create new ones, or change someone else’s.

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