¿Còmo Amaneciò?

In Spanish they have a phrase that I have loved since I learned it. It’s interesting because we don’t really use this phrase in English, even though it translates well. You all know enough Spanish to get yourselves in trouble I’m sure. Like you would be okay asking someone “¿Hey, Dònde està el baño?” Yes, Hey still translates across languages.

But I’m curious, after you asked “where is the bathroom”, what would you do? You’d stand there dumbfounded as they rattle off lingo you’ve never heard before and point in directions helping you get to where you asked. It’d be hilarious. I’d love to stand there and watch you as you dance around trying to hold it as you try your best to translate the answer to the most important information you could ever have at that moment!

Back to my phrase—“¿Còmo amaneciò?” Literally, “how did you wake up?”
I love the idea of that phrase. Not how did you sleep. Not, what’s your day look like. Not even, how do you feel, but how did you wake up?

To me, it is asking, what is your mindset with this new day?
Did you wake up discouraged? Rested? Hungry? Irritable? Angry? Happy? Hopeful? Ready for Coffee?
How did you wake up today?

We have a choice everyday we wake up as to how we are going to process what’s right in front of us.

Since the beginning of this whole mess, and to quantify beginning, for me that happened on March 16 when we began to isolate and separate. The following week for us was the first Sunday we were exclusively Live Streaming as a church and every home became a church, that to me was the beginning. Up to that point, pretty much everything still felt the same.
Since the beginning, I have really struggled to get my mindset under control. I am a creature of habit and when my habits become disrupted, it feels like everything goes out the window.

I have and have written previously about my ideal week. It’s the mindset about maximizing the power of routine and centering on doing the things that help you most thrive. For me personally that means waking up around 5AM. Getting to the gym and doing a body destroying work out at 545 and being home around 7:10. I could walk you through most of my day just like that because I know what makes be tick best and how to master my mindset through the power of routine.

But when the world is under house arrest, routine goes out the window and every bit of agility and productivity along with it.

Today, 3 weeks after “this all began”, I started a new routine and that helped me wake up with a new mindset. I feel like, for the first time in three weeks, routine stepped back in again. I woke up at my time, I got out of bed and determined that even though I cannot go to the gym doesn’t mean I cannot destroy my body some other way and my mindset feels again like it did before, I’m going to slay this day and engage in every bit of God ordained opportunity He has coming for me.

Here’s the thing that is helping me and I believe might lend a hand to you also:
Determined to stop making excuses

— Have a predetermined plan

— Center on Hope rather than Fear

— Exercise

— Be encouraging

— Smile, Laugh, and Play

I could write a little something about each of these things, but if you’re anything like me, you just read the bold text anyway 😉

So, how did you wake up today? Well, whatever state of mind you are finding your eyes opening to this morning, I hope it’s with a renewed determination that you’re going to make it and that you can thrive through it.

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