This thing had us scared out of our minds!

I can’t help but reflect back over this season. I simply don’t know how to think. Somehow I just believe the Lord is using this season of deficiency to draw us into this sufficiency and abundance. What our church was forced into because of this flu couldn’t have been better orchestrated. Forgive me for painting such a positive picture of this. It is not that I am making light of this trouble, but I do know that in the scope of the darkness, there is also a light that shines through it.

The reality is that right now everything is scary. Never in history of my generation have we ever considered lack, want, true need. Yes we’ve had to go without, but only because we couldn’t afford, not because it wasn’t available. That does something to someone when they can’t simply go to wherever and purchase whatever.

The truth is that for the first time in our lives we are learning what it means to be just a little bit uncomfortable. We are learning that the Lord really is in complete control over everything because there is literally nothing we can do to extinguish this problem. For everything we are at His complete mercy.

Sure there are common sense things we can to do prohibit the spread of it, but right now, it appears that there is nothing we can do to put an end to it. In the end, it will all be because of His great mercy.

The Church is going to come out the other side of this season much strong and more complete than we ever imagined. We’re experiencing things during this season that most of us have never dreamed up before, but that doesn’t mean they have never happened before. I recently read an article on Foxnews that gave a brief overview of what America looked like during the Spanish Flu pandemic during the fall of 1918. Literally, hundreds of thousands lost their lives during that outbreak. They saw some of the same economic troubles we are seeing now. They also practiced “social distancing” like we are, and they, without the internet, Netflix and Disney +. My mind races to how the Church survived that season when they didn’t have the amazing technological options like we do today. And to make it all worse, this pandemic began even before the end of the Great War. Talk about utter hopelessness! Within 10 years of the pandemic, they saw the complete downfall of the economic world with black Friday, quickly followed by the dust storms of the early thirties. That soon followed another great war.

You see what I mean? Our world is constantly changing and, even though we don’t have a great many examples in our lifetimes of seasons of great restraint, they have happened before and will happen again.
What I mean to say is simply this, what we are facing during this season is not the worst the world has ever seen, it may only be the worst we have ever seen it. It’s also important to realize that the Lord brought people through travesty before and certainly remembers how to do that again. Our opportunity through this is to take hope in his experience through calming storms and healing disease. And while we wait for His healing, we have the opportunity to get really creative at accomplishing a very important mission through new parameters.

So I need to know, how are you still continuing to thrive through this adversity!?

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