I couldn’t believe I was trying to get back to that!

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

With all this Corona-ness going on right now, the phrase I keep hearing is “we can’t wait till everything can go back to normal!”
In my compliance and compatibility, I kindly smile and nod, for in my mind, I also want the semblances of consistent to come back again.

I wonder, though, is normal what we are really wanting to return?

I can’t help but think that maybe the normal we remember is not actually the thing we want to resume.

Do you remember what you life was like before Corona-life?

I do! It was filled with stress, strain, tension, busyness, brutal schedules and productivity that was as endless as the receipts you get from CVS!

Don’t get me wrong, I miss the freedom of shopping without a face mask just like you do, but I’m not sure the normal I want is the normal we had.
Have you, like me, wondered what it would be like to walk into a store with your face mask but also with sunglasses and your snapback pulled low!? Hey you’re just protecting yourself and all those around you as well! What a crazy world we are experiencing right now!?

And so, yes. I want to be free from this season.
I want to be able to go sit in Starbucks and talk with people, like I used to.
I want to be able to drive to any store and be able to buy socks with out having to go through a cattle guard being counted on the way in, just like we used to.
I want to be able to have the freedom to experience church every Sunday and worship with a thousand voices filling the air, JUST LIKE WE USED TO!

But what I am not going to miss and I’m hoping stays away for a long time to come, are the endless schedules that never seem to be finished.
I’m not going to resort back to the productivity mindsets that never allowed me to be free from the things I didn’t get done.
I’m not really interested in telling my family that I’m still too busy. And I’m really not that excited about the potential of missing dinners with them because something else was more important.

In some strange ways, this season has given us all something we would have never chosen — time and opportunity.
It’s given us the incredible value of togetherness. Maybe that’s the normal we need to return. It’s right there that I find the other most common phrase of this season of life—I miss being with people.

The new normal needs to be ready to receive people with all we have so that we can be together.

What are you learning about this new season that makes you hope a new normal is setting in?

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