Weeding the Garden

Almost every year our family plants something of a garden. We’ve got this grate space the back of our yard that serves this purpose. We worked it out years ago when we had first moved into our house. We fenced it off to keep our rabbits and determined that it would be a place where we would, not only grow great tomatoes, but also spend time together. Our family really believes in the value of good hard work. All of our kids know they have responsibility around our home, and we thought gardening would be a good addition to that.

Years down the road and while we still garden every year, it’s becoming much more work. While we have good intentions, every year, to keep up with it and keep it cleaned and to the peak of productivity, it’s so hard to keep it weeded! Not trying to insult your intelligence, but do you know how many and how fast weeds grow?! It seems like they grow 3′ overnight!

How is it that we can go so long and not even notice that they are taking over the place? To grow a great garden, you’ve got to make a daily determination to be in the garden every day, working and cleaning, and prepping and helping these plants grow in their best setting. But mostly, it’s pulling weeds.

Why is it that you have to plant tomatoes and strawberries, but nuisance weeds just show up?

I’ve never understood that.

The same is true for parenting. Kids don’t come built in with Kindness, love, joy, patience, goodness. Those things have to be built into them.
Crystal is going to write about this same concept as well, she’s a genius about it. She’s got that amazing caring momma, shepherding heart that cares so very much about her little flock. She does a lot of weed pulling in her days. She has an amazing ability to identify weeds growing in the hearts of our little crew and works hard to dig them out.

That’s what we as Christian parents are called to do each and every day. To tend the garden of the hearts of our kids. If we are not in it every single day, so many weeds will grow in and over their hearts.
There have been a few times, over the years, that with our good intentions at gardening, we’ve planted the good things, but in our busyness, we’ve neglected the daily work and it becomes so overgrown that you cannot even see the good things growing. The same is true with your crew. It’s not that the goodness isn’t there, it’s that the weeds have so overgrown, the goodness is choking underneath.
You’ve got to get in there and pull some weeds!

Put your garden gloves in, grab a spade, and start yanking that crap out of their life with fervor!

Honestly, the best way to do this is by constant, daily, working in their hearts. Sow into them the personal connections with Christ, the Spirit of God and the power of his presence.
Teach them the fruit of the Spirit that has the power to overcome them and choke out those terrible weeds of bitterness, envy, deceit, and so many other things. It’s up to you mom, dad. No one else is going to tend the garden of your kids hearts. That’s on you, but you too have the power of the Spirit of God on your side too.

Don’t wait another minute, go grab your gloves and get to work.

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