Back to 2019

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Doesn’t the beginning of each year bring such amazing anticipation and excitement!? It’s like your drawing to conclusion all the thoughts, drama, trouble and excitement that took place over the previous year and looking forward to all the great things that will happen in the next.
Do you ever realize that we never really think that the year coming will bring anything bad? It’s almost always just good. Life is going to be better. My job is going to be better. The pay is going to be better. My kids are going to be better. It’s all just going to be better.

And then 2020 started!

Let me just speak for all of us for a minute and say, CAN WE JUST GO BACK TO 2019, BECAUSE FROM WHERE I STAND, IT DIDN’T LOOK AS BAD AS WE THOUGHT IT DID.

2020 has been nuts! Like nothing we’ve ever seen before. And, depending on the state you live in and the political party that runs it, normal, or whatever that may have been, looks like goal posts that are moveable. Just when you think you’re almost out of quarantine, oops, looks like 2 more weeks. Yep, just two more weeks ought to do it.

We can learn a lesson in perspective with this.
What we’ve gone through may not be as bad as we’re about to go through!

For some reason, what just went through (speaking of 2019) seemed like it may have been pretty bad. This, of course, it depending on your perspective. I’m not speaking to and of everyone. Perhaps 2019 was the best year of life. No matter what and who you are, this pandemic we are currently experiencing is effecting every person somehow, and it’s really important to consider what was and what’s coming next.

What I went through may not be as bad as what I’m about to go through.

Keep perspective. Keep your hope up and remember, in the history of America, we’ve always endured.
In the history of Christ followers, God has always delivered his people.

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