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Lake Week

Lake week again. Finally! We’ve been anticipating this week for a long time now.  Our family really only knows one speed and that it just fast. With 5 kids, you can imagine the constant movement that happens all the time. It gets to be breakneck every once in a while. 

Over the past few weeks, as we’ve been in the process of finishing up some major projects on our house, we’ve just about exhausted ourselves for weeks on end. For a while there it was up around 5 and to bed around midnight for days on end and you can really only do that for so long before your body begins to refuse to listen to your crazy talk! 

So lake week. For three years running we’ve made it a point to come up here in the middle of July to just be together with the whole family and spend as much time on the water as we are able. We have found that there is therapy in these woods and waters. Some sort of healing salve is released when you jump in for the first time and float 40’ above the muddy bottom of the warm waters.  We’ll fish, we’ll tube, we’ll ski, we’ll eat and laugh and play and it will be most rejuvenating. 

What’s your therapy? What do you do in your word to get the most relaxing you can? 

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