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Lake week day 3

It’s just incredible here. In fact, I think we’d buy a property up here so we could come as often as possible should the opportunity present itself. There’s nothing better than life at the lake during lake week.

Today we were met with significantly less drama than yesterday and managed to enjoy a bunch of mountain activities while being boatless.

We started by heading to my friend at the local boat shop to consult about our troubling position. It started rather humorously as we spoke with Mike (see, first name basis already) about our problem, and like every other mechanic would say in the heat of the moment, it’d be impossible to fix this week and we’re 4 weeks out on repairs mostly because of covid and backordering of parts.

We discussed what our best option would be and settled on probably just buying a new engine for the dang thing. In case we didn’t fully clarify, what happened is that we effectively blew the transmission of the boat. Engine runs file but the prop won’t turn because of a blown gear.

Mike tells us that because of the age of our engine there would be absolutely no way we’d find a fix for it in the next month and if we did it would be a unicorn bringing it to us.

Well, it’s funny how things work like this because I believe in a God of impossibility who delights in the care and concern of his kids. By the time our conversation with Mike ended, he had found the exact part we needed, at a supplier who works closely with him less than an hour away, would be delivered next day and would be reassembled in less than one hours, and OH, at a discount!

He stood dumbfounded at his own words!

For the rest of the day, we spent hiking and picnicking around Trough Creek State Park visiting the rainbow waterfall, the suspension bridge, and the ice mine all found. It was a tremendous excursion that brought some amazing views and a lot of fun.

After some time in the hammock and doing squirt gun canvas painting (that would be my creative wife’s doing), we spent some time swimming at the beach before a huge BBQ chicken dinner and a late night, fireside chat that took us up to almost midnight reminiscing about the stories that gave my parents all that gray hair. Oh those were the days! The days of jumping off two-story roofs onto large trampolines and igniting entire bags of fireworks, and that amazing helicopter rescue moment that happened while mom was major prego with my youngest brother back in ’91.

I tell you what, nothing compares with moments with family. Nothing does! They are absolutely the most important moments of life.

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