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Land Ho!

Today we made a huge step toward a dream we have been wanting to accomplish for some time.
Real estate has always been in our blood. For years now Crystal and I have worked and worked and planned and adapted our setting and surrounding to what we dreamt of and where we felt the Lord was leading next. It hasn’t always been this way. In my mind when we bought our first home, we bought our forever home and I treated it that way.

I need to make you a caution, especially if you’re a first time home buyer. NEVER believe the home you live in is your forever home.
Your first home should be your first leverage home. I’ll teach you through what I mean by that at another time.

For us, this was a struggle because I believed that the home we just sold was our forever home and so I was very close minded about the idea of selling. But we have always dreamt of owning land and building something on it. I was always just a little afraid to dream with too many details because that meant an emotional investment and I wasn’t sure we could sustain that price tag.
Crystal was always relentless.
I love that about her.

So when 20 acres of land was reduced to our price range in early summer, we jumped at the possibility.

Never in my dreams would I have imagined that we would be proposing to purchase 20 acres of raw, untouched ground in the mountains, but here we were.

On July 2nd, we signed an agreement to purchase this land at a cost that was even greater than what we owed on the house and land we currently owned.
We didn’t even have our property up for sale yet!
What on earth were we thinking!
And the nature of the deal was that we could not hold the sale of our property in contingency. In other words, we had agreed to purchase this land within 90 days of signing it whether our property sold or not! YIKES!

And yet here we are, official owners of 20 beautiful acres along South Mountain, in Cumberland County, PA.

What are we going to do with this land?

Well, we’re going to enjoy every moment first.
We’re going to hunt.
We’re going to build a house.
We’re going to do whatever the Lord leads and encourages us to do next.
There are so many things in our hearts and minds, I could write volumes about, but I’ll save you from that today.

Today we just want to celebrate that we own land!

Crystal and I were talking last night about all we have in mind and we want every part of our lives to be fleshed out as inspiration. We want people to be encouraged that they can to. So we plan to use every bit of this experience as a tool to help people take steps toward their own impossible.
To us, this step was never going to be an option, until someone showed me how it could be. While it took a long long time, through the value of forethought and a lot of intentional living and thinking, here we are at ANOTHER beginning of a dream come true.

So we sharpen our chainsaws and let’s get to cutting… We’ve got 1,000 trees that stand in the way of our next step!

What stands in the way of your next step? And what element of determination is preventing you from getting there?

2 thoughts on “Land Ho!”

  1. Bill says:

    A THOUSAND trees? :'( Please consider being a good steward of God’s creation.

    1. Kevin Elworth says:

      Just figuratively speaking. But we are clearing land for where we will build our home.

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