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You sure that’s the right gift?

Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

How are you paring people with gifts?
Like you just know people and exactly what they would love to have for their birthday or Christmas or just because.

I feel like I am so terrible at it. I get so frozen with the feeling of options. Give me three options and I can pick one, but when I’m left with the idea of I can get them anything I would want!? I panic! There’s no possible way I could narrow down the endless possibilities of anything.

My son Austin is a gift person. Loves giving them, loves getting them and because of that, he’s very conscious of what people would want to have so he remembers and delights in watching their receiving.

At Christmas, Crystal had just casually pointed out a vase she wanted and with Austin with her, he took note and paid attention. He planned later on to ask me to take him back to the store where he could purchase the exact gift.

When we look at Christmas and the gift that we wanted, The Lord took careful care in the consideration of exactly what we would need.
He knew what we needed
He knew how to get it to us
He made it accessible

All we really needed to do was to be aware of the gift.

This is where I end up being terrible! Maybe you do to.

In our super busy world, I typically go on and get out as fast as possible. If I’m on a mission from my wife to go to the store for a list of things, that’s all I’m focused on. I spend zero time meandering through the store just shopping. (With the exception of Lowes and Home Depot, I could probably spend hours there). But because I’m always on mission, I always miss the things that would delight her–The gift she would love.

Think about this miracle story of centuries ago.

Three wise men see a star in the sky they’ve never seen before and because they had been looking, they knew this was the sign that the promise had arrived.
So they decide together that this star is worth following, and collectively, they embark on a journey that will take years to discover what is at the foot of that bright light.

Can you imagine the lunacy behind a story like that as they told it along the way!?

How many people do you think were on earth during that time?


Maybe even a billion or more?

And yet only three people were looking for a sign enough and become compelled enough to set aside their life enough to follow it.

Because of their research on the topic and having become convinced that they were on the right track, their response when they found this baby was amazing. When they saw him, the knelt and worship having become totally overwhelmed at this. Also, because they so believed that they were in the right place at the right time, they had prepared some very extravagant gifts that they would give to this new born Savior. Those gifts would be God provision for this new and young family as they would be immigrants to another land for a time before they could safely return to their hometown.

So I wonder, given the idea and hope of Christmas, are you looking for the right gift?

Like me, we can get so focused on the mission and getting it completed in a timely manner and without getting distracted, that we totally miss the right gift.

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