Lessons for my crew

Lets get this year behind us

Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

How do we end this year!?

With a lot of anticipation I should think! Never have I ever felt such an excitement about finishing one year and moving on to the next.

The only thing I could ever encourage about a season that we have just endured is to never think that what’s coming is going to be any better. It’s just not safe to think that what’s coming is going to be better. The absolute only way to make anything better is simply to find hope and joy in the season you’re in than in hoping that the future is going to be better than the present or the past.

Doesn’t sound good to you?

Okay. Fair, but then maybe the problem is that you are dependant on your circumstances rather than being in control of your outcomes. Yes there are a great many things that we cannot control the outcomes, but with every situation, we can control the attitude in which we approach it.

To be anything less is to be a victim in everything and that will never get you to any positive outcome…ever.

So how do you end this year? With a smile on your face that you survived it and a grateful demeanor that you learned a few things about how you’re going to manhandle next year.

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