The Books of 2020

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Every year it’s my goal to be a reader and I set my goal is reading 20 books over the course of the year. I fell short this year because of a few things, but really there are and should not be excuses.

I started this year by reading straight through the bible. I’ve read it in a year before, I’ve read it in 90 days, this time I reached high and pushed at reading the bible in just 30 days. It was intense and I drew just a bit long and finished in 45, but it was incredibly insightful to take in that much in such a short time.

Here are the other books I read this year:

Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins

Hero Maker– Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird

Prayer – Timothy Keller

Herding Tigers – Todd Henry

The Creative Leader – Ed Young

How to Start a Profitable Blog – Dave Lim

Atomic Habits – James Clear

4 Pillars of a Mans Heart – Stu Webber

Getting to Yes – Roger Fisher and William Ury

How to date your wife – Stan Cronin

Strengthening the Soul of your Leadership – Ruth Haley Barton

The Power of Communion – Beni Johnson

Lord of the Nations: The “Big Picture” of Scripture – Dr. David J. Miller

The Bible.

Aside from the Bible, the most inspiring book I read this year had to be Can’t Hurt Me. I just finished this one last week and I am inspired to move forward. You’ll have to pardin Goggin’s extreme vulgarity throughout but his message is profound and inspiring.

Beyond that Hero Maker would take the second place for inspiration as Ferguson and Bird preach the same message that I am trying to complete with leadership development. I have really honed in on that part of my leadership over the past 3 years and I can’t find anything else more thrilling than being able to see the God calling potential of people come to life for them.

What books did you read this year and what impact did they have on your life?

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