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Join me in Prayer

It’s time to get serious. Up to this point I’ve been rather quiet on the political sphere but I must be honest, the trajectory I see in our country is extremely frightening and we are remiss if we think that it’s just going to right itself.

I’ve wondered, up to this point, what actually can we do about it? Maybe you wonder that too. Who am I, who are we, in the shadow of all that seems to be transpiring right now?
First, let me answer the first ambiguous statement — all that seems to be transpiring now.

It seems to me that what is happening is that our country is trying to be stolen. I was raised in a home where stealing was wrong, where lying was a sin and where discipline for both was readily available. That was in my home. Where I lived. Where I slept at night. It was wrong and punishable.

Now we escalate that to a much grander scale and it seems that it’s now not wrong nor punishable to steal and lie about much larger issues. It seems to be that there is a clear parenting deficiency that happened in the lives of so many people in power today. But maybe that’s not even true.

Maybe you’ve heard the same phrase that I’ve heard,

“absolute power corrupts, absolutely.”

This makes me think of the Disney movie Aladdin. There is a scene where Jafar takes Aladdin into the desert and speaks with him. He identifies with him about his past being a thief and he makes this statement:

Steal an apple and you’re a thief, steal a country and you’re a statesmen.

We all sat and watched that movie with our kids and cheered when the good guys won and ate our popcorn and drank our Coke, left that movie to go on about our life. Now here we sit with the same message being broadcast across our landscape. Nothing to see here. Just accept the results of the election. There was no fraud.

Only the message has now, strangely changed.

There was not that much fraud.

And again

There was not enough fraud to warrant the change of the election.

Excuse me? Enough fraud? Any fraud should be the beginning of a total revote!

That’s what we are facing, someone or some group, is seeking to create absolute power and they are using our free country to do it and we cannot sit idly by and hope nothing bad happens.

To think that nothing tragic is going to come from the sources of corruption that appear to be happening is to be completely naive.
What exactly do you think will take place next? If there is someone or some group out there that can steal this country, do you think they have good things in store for our future?

Here’s the reality. If there is even a hint of dishonesty that took place in the recent election, should everyone want there to be justice, regardless of what side you befall?

True and complete freedom is only found in honesty and where dishonesty rules so does slavery.

So back to my question, what actually can we do?

Well, I believe in a God who is able. My God is able to fight, to devour and to bring truth to light without any of my physical involvement.

President Trump is doing everything he can to fight this apparent injustice and has asked for America to gather on January 6th in Washington in response to the corruption that is taking place.
Doesn’t it just seem to be a little too convenient that at the same time all this is taking place that a random virus captivated the world and the largest message we are being told today is the danger in gathering.

I don’t want to become a conspiracy theorist, but this just seems a little too convenient to me.

I’m not one for crowds, especially that gather into the millions that will take place on Wednesday and besides that seems like a little too much like fighting to me and I’ve already vowed that I will let the Lord fight this battle.

To me, the way this needs to be fought is through prayer and fasting.

So that’s what I plan do to. From Tuesday evening into Wednesday, while the future of our country is being decided, I’m going to be fasting and praying and I want to ask you to join me.

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