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Sometimes the Lord leads me to pray some very strange prayers. I don’t fully understand the “why” behind it, but without a doubt, it’s there and I feel the need to comply. So when studying for a sermon on John 1, I felt the Lord impressing on me to pray that the church body would feel empty.

No one likes to feel empty.

Empty feels the same as insecurity and when we feel insecure, we begin to make some very strange and, sometimes, dangerous choices.

The week this was going down, as I continued my message preparations, and praying this strange prayer, Thursday felt very strange to me. I was worn out, anxious, short, irritable and moody. Nothing felt right, which is very strange for my personality. I’m rarely any of those things, but this day was different.

As I unveiled the inner-workings of my heart and feelings to Crystal, it was as if the Spirit of God told me in the moment, I’ve answered your prayer, welcome to empty.

I knew why I was praying that prayer, but now I was learning it first hand.

The truth was that for us to feel the fullness of Christ, we first have to have the capacity to be filled. You need to be empty!

What I see in our culture today is a lot of synthetic fulness

I am that Snickers commercial with the tagline, you’re not you when you’re hungry.
Man, when I’m hungry, the world is a cruel and ridiculous place. But when all you eat is food like Snickers, nothing changes. For about 5 minutes you get a good full feeling until the next moment when you need a new filling.

Life is like that. There are a lot of people today whose lives are lived consuming nothing but temporary filling. There is simply no way to remain with a full feeling.

John 1, John is introducing Jesus to his readers and describes him in this wording-

Of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace.

John 1:16 NKJV

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