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Heaven on Earth

Photo by Better Days Film on Unsplash

In 2013, Crystal and I renewed our wedding vows with a few friends and family. It was supposed to take place at our home in Chambersburg, but the weather was less than cooperative and we ended up having it at our Church.

It was a great ceremony. Simple, profound, memorable and very special for the both of us. In many ways, it was more special than our wedding day 10 years prior. With this day came 10 years of memories, stories, experiences and situations that we had endured together. We had life together and we were more committed to our unity than ever before.

The day after our vow renewal, we went on a second honeymoon. It was way better than our first and we felt that we were in heaven on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico on Captiva Island, Florida. It was exquisite and every bit of the relaxing togetherness we wanted to have at this point of our lives together.

Have you ever noticed that so much of our lives is driven toward experiencing as much of heaven on earth as we can get? So many of the decisions we make are built around the idea of will this be more luxurious, more comfortable, more like heaven?

We have a heart for heaven built inside each of us. There is a natural longing that draws us to want to experience the euphoria that comes from what we are built to experience together with God one day.

So when Matthew captured Jesus words in Matthew 18 that the kingdom of heaven is like…it makes my mind wander with all that heaven will contain.

I think we miss so much of the amazingness of this place that God is assembling that we will eventually be a part of. Honestly, though, we can’t really miss what we were never fully told either. The reality is that what we have and know about what’s coming is painfully small. The words that have been given to us to conceptualize about this eternal state is pathetically small. Clearly, God wanted it that way. I heard it said so many times growing up that if we knew all the treasures of heaven that we’d be so heavenly minded we’d be no earthly good, it leads me to realize that we’ve got work to do right here where we are. We get just a glimpse of the amazing experience heaven will be and help as many as possible be able to experience it’s eventual reality.
That’s enough for me, how about you?

Until then, maybe it’s time to change our focus a bit. Could it be time to spend less of our effort focused on creating our own heaven on earth and time to help people find the way to heaven for real!?

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