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Worth The Wait

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Do you ever wish you would have come built-in with the ability to be super patient?
Frankly, I can’t say that I do. I’m not a very patient person, but than, I’m not sure I know many very patient people to compare myself too. Maybe that’s wrong and I’m just confused, but no matter, the reality is that we all struggle in the area of patience.

Some things, however, are worth waiting for.

Like what?

Well, the right one! Having worked with so many couples over the years as they pursue the pinnacle of relationships, it is almost spellbinding to see couples that were made for each other. The love they have that they just drink each other in with is intoxicating. I can almost always tell the ones that have that mindset of a godly amazing honor and knowing that the wait was worth every bit of difficulty they faced arriving at that sweet moment of commitment.

The little ones. They are so worth the wait. Looking at our crew of 5 right now, and each one having a story of their own and a unique path that lead them to our home, each is a miracle story that was worth the wait. They were all incredibly hard work (and they continue to be), but so worth waiting for.

The Right Place. We’ve learned this lesson with every house we bought. The Lord really is in the details, and when we wait for his timing, he can work amazing wonders in the home you live in.

The Right Job. In a place, position and with people you’ll spend a great part of our life with, it’s worth the wait to hold out for the right place to work your career.

Why all this talk about waiting? Well, simply because we’re just not that good at it. But it’s more than that. I want people to know that the Lord has things in store that are worth waiting for.

In Acts 1, as he’s instructing his chosen disciples on the days before he leaves them for good, he gives them this last bit of instruction—“Don’t leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promise.”

It wouldn’t be long before they saw and experienced that gift first hand and it began to revolutionize every fiber of their lives but the clear and profound point was Jesus instruction. Stay here. Wait for the gift.

In our lives, our purpose is built around movement, accomplishment and productivity. In our staying, we are thinking about working.

We don’t envision staying as doing nothing, but I really sense from Jesus words, that was exactly what he wanted them to do. Rest up, with for the gift.

Staying and waiting imply that we are not in control. The very element of waiting places us under the authority of someone who is going to tell us when we are done waiting. That’s where we seem to kick against the power over us. We’d rather be in control that being controlled.

I’ve got to ask, as you’re reading this post, what are you waiting for?

What have you been waiting for so long that you think and feel that God has forgotten about you?
Are you at the point where you are ready to take matters into your own hands and force a situation?
Can I caution you a moment? When we try to fast track the movement of the Lord, that’s where we cause the most and ugliest mistakes.
This is where inappropriate relationships begin.
This is where career decisions are made hastiliy only to find, sometime later, that it was the worst decision.

Let me tell you this, the goodness of God is never fast tracked.

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