About Kevin

     I am the Campus Pastor of Grand Point Church Shippensburg, a multisite extension of the Grand Point Church in Chambersburg, PA. It’s been my joy to be a part of this church for nearly a decade. Grand Point Church is a thriving community of called out believers who are dedicating their lives to the expansion of God’s Kingdom.
    More than that, I am a husband and father. My wife, Crystal, is the love of my life and we’ve on joint adventures for close to 20 years now. Several of those adventures are our 5 children. Each of them a story on their own. Four of them have been adopted but that does not define them, it doesn’t define us either. We just love children; ours, yours and the neighbors too.
    This is my personal blog. I chose to write about a lot of things, but my passion and what I define as a life purpose is to help people experience God in amazing ways. I’ve come to realize that sometimes people need some help connecting their lives to God’s amazingness, so I try to help visualize that connection and make it become a reality. What you’ll find here initially and as you return sequentially is inspiration for your daily life. We’ll cover so many different things on this journey to find and follow Christ. It’s important that you know the statements, concepts, and ideas I make here may or may not be that of my employer, Grand Point Church.