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What have we learned?

Months into this strange season we are living right now, and we’ve gotten far enough to track some metrics on our progress. These are peculiar days we are living! Who’s going to argue with me on that?

When in your imagination did you ever think you’d see a fight over toilet paper in a grocery store?

When in your thinking did you ever imagine you’d be told by the government that you should not leave your home for any reason unless absolutely necessary!?

How about being told to wear a medical mask everywhere you go and in every interaction with people. How many places have you see where they put info stickers on their entrances indicating to hats, glasses or MASKS that now have to go back and change all those indications!? And how have robberies not spiked in the process because of everyone now sporting masks?

Everything is different and nothing is normal. But what have we learned?

We cannot allow this time and season to escape us without noting something…a thousand things, we’ve learned through it.

This really draws my mind to the really familiar passage from Ecclesiastes 3 where the author, presumably King Solomon, wrote about there being a time for everything we endure in life. We live life in seasons. Every year is broken into seasons. Our lifetime can also be broken into seasons, think about it. We think in terms of years, days, months, hours, minutes, but what if there is something larger at work with less defined and structured parameters?

The season of parenting

The season of honeymooning

The season of sickness

The season of having teens

The season of being a teen

The season of just married

The season of being married for decades

The season of career

The season of retirement

The season of education

The season of depression

The terrible two’s (you know, the years between 2 and 22)

The season of corona

Everyone of these seasons comes with a gift of learning. We can either learn something and grow from it, or we can try to kick our feet up and close off the world until it passes. Ironically, we see a great number of people trying to do that every thing with this season of Corona. They do the same with seasons they don’t know what do to with.

How many people have you seen that are just trying to make it through?

They’re trying desperately to make it through early parenting.

Make it through parenting a teen.

Make it through the career or job they currently have

Make it through the marriage

The problem is making it through is the un-communicated mirage that believes once we’re through, it’ll be better.

As I stick a pin to your glitter filled balloon, don’t hate me on the other side.


The only thing you’re going to receive on the other side, besides trying desperately to vacuum all that glitter, is bitterness from having an expectation that could never be realized.

Can I be so bold to tell you that you did this to yourself!?

Adjust your expectations

Sink yourself into the season you are in and own it like a boss.

I’m going to say something ridiculously profound utterly simple. You ready?!

No one knows how to get through the season they are going through until they’ve gone through it.

No one knows how to get through the season they are going through until they've gone through it Click To Tweet

No one in our generation has lived through a pandemic like this. NO ONE.

And honestly, even if they did, the one they would have gone through previously would have been drastically different.

We have go to drop the victim lifestyle and mindset that we are trying to adopt because of the season.

And honestly, that applies to every season of life you are blessed to experience.

Every season has its own blessings.

Every season.

Even the terrible ones.

It’s only through terrible seasons are you given the beauty and blessing of seeing the tremendous come through the terrible

Biblical Living

What I’ve learned in my trek through the Bible in 30 days

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I started this year with an ambitious goal. Maybe not ambitious to you or anyone you know, but one that I’ve never done before, so a goal of new territory for me.

My pursuit this year is one of intentional direction and seeking what God has next. I felt the best way to do that would be a super fast trek through his word, and so began my quest through the Bible in 30 days. I’ll end up a few days late because, you know, life happens.

Recently, I’ve seen a few stories of people who have abandoned their faith because of problems with the Old Testament. They say that they cannot trust a God who would go to such lengths to destroy rather than forgive and who seemed to be more about rules than relationship.
They are speaking through their ignorance and lack of first hand investigated effort. They see this through their perception rather than through their knowledge of investigated effort.

Biblical Living, Lessons for my crew

Xbox Chore Charts and 1Kings 12

the actual routine chart we used for the kids. Super colorful so no way to blend in!

Do you ever tire of having to tell your kids the same thing over and over AND OVER again?

It seems that no matter how often we tell them, they still must be reminded every morning to brush their teeth, make their beds, put away their pj’s and get ready for school.

I fully believe that if we didn’t do this same ritual everyday, they would never do any of it. It’s almost like they think, if I’m just quiet and don’t cause a disturbance, then maybe mom and dad will forget we have to go to school today and we’ll be able to play Xbox all day!

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The Value of Purpose

Photo by Smart on Unsplash

“What am I supposed to do with my life?” The various forms of that questions are probably the most widely asked questions I get as a pastor. Everyone wants to know that they are doing something of value. Recently I listened to sports sensation, Tim Tebow, talk about his desire for purpose in life and many simply assume that when you’re involved in a life of such celebrity that becomes the best purpose of all. He easily and quickly pointed to the fact that to him sports was an on-ramp to a much greater purpose of helping people who are desperate and in need of a helping hand. What a story! But what does that mean for you?

Biblical Living, Lessons for my crew

Prone to wander

Photo by Deanna Ritchie on Unsplash

Does the presence of sin in our lives or its habitual occurrence negate our relationship with Christ? Paul says “no” (Romans 5-6) but that it’s obviously not beneficial for the whole. “Do we keep on sinning so God can keep on forgiving?” Rom 6:1. Even in just his continuing sentence in this chapter, he alludes to the fact that the grace of God is complete.

Biblical Living

Worship is Life

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Worship is life

It’s been said that man can live only so long without food, a month or a little more maybe.

He can survive only a few days without water.

He have live just minutes without air.

Biblical Living

The Healing Power of Tacos

I’ve been on a taco eating binge lately. It’s the way I manifest my inner Latin American. Truth is, I greatly miss my time in Latin America and the smells of the streets and the aroma of constantly cooking food. The spices fill the air no matter where you go. It never fails, every time I smell the smoke of an open fire, my mind races back to the villages of Mexico where there was always a fire going somewhere that someone was making fresh corn tortillas and refined beans. Sometimes I just long for a genuine bowl of frijoles con puerco. It’s an acquired taste and the first few times I tried it, I detested the stuff, but over time, it grew on me. God only knows if I’ll ever get to experience that again.