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As a Pastor, When I finally made this simple realization, EVERYTHING CHANGED

So just recently I made this statement about the church and Theology. First, let’s unpack what Theology is in the case that you might not know.

Theology is the study of God.

In the religious world, words that end in ology mean “the study of”. So Soteriology means the study of Salvation. Pneumatology, the study of the Holy Spirit. There is so much more than just the study of God or Theology.

Here’s my problem.

The Church has been known for far too long as a boring place where you learn about God.

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Learning the Hard Way

Our first house. Can you remember your first house? Maybe not the one you first lived in, but the first one you owned and really made your own. You could choose all the paint colors and maybe a few decorative tweaks you wanted to make as you moved into your first real home!?

I can remember those days and the little house that Crystal and I fell in love with. We didn’t think we would be able to buy it, we’d never done this before and it was all so exciting and scary at the same time.
You know they say this is the biggest financial decision of your life- so don’t screw it up!

I remember how excited we were when we started painting through every room of that house making it our own. We didn’t have much residual money at the time so we couldn’t afford to do any more than just paint, but we had so many aspirations of what we’d eventually make this home into.

One of the biggest things we wanted to do was a simple upgrade the kitchen oven.

That doesn’t sound that hard. Not that big of a deal at all really.

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How to get it all done

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Do you ever feel like you just can’t get things finished? Or how about that desire to really be productive, but at the end of the day/week/month and eventually year?
It’s so hard to get the movement, traction you need to really stay on top of it all. The crazy part is that once you get that traction, it’s equally as hard to keep it.
Have you ever really fought through all the mess, the noise and distraction and finally make it to the sweet spot where you are knocking stuff out, only to be met with a sidetrack thought and find yourself back into a 30 minute quest on youtube for stupid videos? Those moments are the worst because then you have to fight that resistance again to refocus and get back into that amazing zone.


How to produce excellence

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I used to be a perfectionist.

Somewhere along the way I started to relax my grip on what ended up perfect. I’m not sure at what point I started not caring so much but in some parts of my life, I like the fact that not everything has to look at feel perfect. Maybe it’s some of the Latin blood that runs through my veins and the concept of “mañana”.

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The Funeral

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I’ve never had much experience the loss. In the last 10 years it’s come a little closer to home but through people in our church. They are family too and I’ve seen that when they are lead through the valley of the shadow of death, they need someone to walk with them. Many times, they look to me to be that person and it becomes my pleasure to do so and at some point along the journey to step out of the way so Jesus can step in. He’s the one they really need.

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What’s Your Dream?

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How do you feel about dreams?

Personally, I find the whole idea of dreaming to be just exhausting. My dreams are rarely that good and when I do have them I find myself more exhausted afterward.

For the most part, I just sleep and I prefer it that way.

What about the day dream kind? The kind when you find yourself envisioning some other reality that might become one day? Those are the kind that you can sink your teeth into.

I gotta ask, what’s your dream? What’s that thing that you envision yourself becoming and being apart of and it wouldn’t matter what else was going on or happening to you so long as you could still have a part in seeing that thing become a reality!?


Just. Begin.

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Is there really any harder thing than to start? I’m not talking about continue. That’s probably what you are envisioning right now. You don’t really begin a day, you just pick up where you left off, maybe a little slower a with a little more coffee (amen), but that’s not a start.
Even when you start a new job, in reality, you’re just in a process of continuation where you were before, now maybe doing something of a different process but still the same.

I’m talking about starting from scratch.


It’s never been seen before.

White canvas. Blank whiteboard. Formless. That kind of start.

There is a tremendous thrill that some enjoy in their lives when it comes to the creation of something never yet seen.

We are all artists, on some level or another. Those who are truly artists are going to slap me for this comment.
We are created by an amazing Creator and, in us, we carry His DNA, which means we have a bit of creator in each of us. It’s the reason why after you’ve made something unique, you stand with a sort of pride, no matter what that thing might be, because no one else could have made it. Watch your kids the next time they color something, they are exercising their God-given passion for creation and which pride they want you to be proud of them for their work.

How do you take that sense of art-filled creative as a child and turn it into a passion fueled concept as an adult? In simple, and yet terrifyingly hard at the same time…you begin.

Give it a try. Tell me I’m wrong.

Put a blank piece of paper in front of you and watch the tension rise in your being. Blank insinuates that something is missing and it must be filled. Immediately, you will think of a thousand things that you should do right then. You’ll grab your phone, pull up Facebook and 30 minutes later, you’ll clean up the crumbs from the cookies you dove into while you were Facebooking, and there it will be, screaming at you, that blank, white, paper.

What are you waiting to begin? For me, it’s writing. Everyday, I have a mental challenge to write something. Anything. It doesn’t matter. None of it is wrong, it just has to be started.

For someone else, it’s a business venture. I’m working on that one too.

To another, it’s something that needs to be learned. And you’re beyond the admitting of needing to learn, you’ve even researched where you might learn, but you stopped just prior beginning.

Life is never going to be margin filled enough to warrant the flexibility to do it all. There is never going to be a perfect time.
Yes, plan out your days. That’s a biblical principle.
Certainly, have a conversation about timing.
But when it comes that time…begin.

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This Year’s Reading List

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I am not an avid reader. At least I don’t consider myself to be. What I do know is that there is a lot I don’t know and I am eager to learn. Of all the things I want to learn right now, fathering is at the top. (I’ve got 57 kids you know 😉 and they all require something different. So at the top of my list and one that I have just finished reading is Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.

I want to seek to know more of how to handle our financial future, so you’ll see some books about finances here. This is one of my strongest areas and I want to seek to improve on it.

One of the areas I am weakest is in managing, so I will be doing some reading about how to become a better manager.

Creativity is my game when it comes to church. This may be a controversial statement but I feel there is as much need for creativity as Theology in church. I’ll write about this statement in more detail at some point in the future, so be on the lookout for that.

There is as much need for creativity as Theology in church.

So without further delay, here are the beginnings of my reading list for 2019 with the same goal of 20 books. Some of the books I’ll be tackling this year are:

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know by Meg Meeker, M.D.

Grit by Angela Duckworth

The War of Art by Steven Presfield

A Marriage book of which I have not determined.

Everybody Always by Bob Goff

Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing by Robert T. Kiyosaki

First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently by Jim Harter

Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street by John Brooks

Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Steven D. Levitt.

The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl by Timothy Egan

Herding Tigers: Be the Leader That Creative People Need by Todd Henry

Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris

So what’s on your reading list? I’m curious to know what you’ll be seeking to learn over the next year.