Biblical Living, Lessons for my crew

Xbox Chore Charts and 1Kings 12

the actual routine chart we used for the kids. Super colorful so no way to blend in!

Do you ever tire of having to tell your kids the same thing over and over AND OVER again?

It seems that no matter how often we tell them, they still must be reminded every morning to brush their teeth, make their beds, put away their pj’s and get ready for school.

I fully believe that if we didn’t do this same ritual everyday, they would never do any of it. It’s almost like they think, if I’m just quiet and don’t cause a disturbance, then maybe mom and dad will forget we have to go to school today and we’ll be able to play Xbox all day!

Biblical Living, Lessons for my crew

Prone to wander

Photo by Deanna Ritchie on Unsplash

Does the presence of sin in our lives or its habitual occurrence negate our relationship with Christ? Paul says “no” (Romans 5-6) but that it’s obviously not beneficial for the whole. “Do we keep on sinning so God can keep on forgiving?” Rom 6:1. Even in just his continuing sentence in this chapter, he alludes to the fact that the grace of God is complete.