Back to 2019

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Doesn’t the beginning of each year bring such amazing anticipation and excitement!? It’s like your drawing to conclusion all the thoughts, drama, trouble and excitement that took place over the previous year and looking forward to all the great things that will happen in the next.
Do you ever realize that we never really think that the year coming will bring anything bad? It’s almost always just good. Life is going to be better. My job is going to be better. The pay is going to be better. My kids are going to be better. It’s all just going to be better.

And then 2020 started!



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With all this Corona-ness going on right now, the phrase I keep hearing is “we can’t wait till everything can go back to normal!”
In my compliance and compatibility, I kindly smile and nod, for in my mind, I also want the semblances of consistent to come back again.

I wonder, though, is normal what we are really wanting to return?


What was life like B.C.?

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Through all this corona-craziness, everything you once took for granted is now questionable. For me, thinking that most of the precautions we are facing are a bit obtrusive, it makes you wonder if we have ever really been safe to live and breath and go about the normal of our former lives. You know, B.C., before Corona.


Thriving in Adversity

I can’t help but reflect back over this season. I simply don’t know how to think. Somehow I just believe the Lord is using this season of deficiency to draw us into this sufficiency and abundance. What our church was forced into because of this flu couldn’t have been better orchestrated. Forgive me for painting such a positive picture of this. It is not that I am making light of this trouble, but I do know that in the scope of the darkness, there is also a light that shines through it.


How are you with your goals?

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We’re one month into the new year already and it’s a really good time to take a look at your goals and see if you’re on track with where you’re hoping you’d be.

If not, take stock. Where are you getting side tracked that you need to reign in?

Where are you being lazy that you need to step up?


Full Focus Planner

The first time I showed someone my Full Focus Planner, they thought I had lost my mind! Planners, typically, are a dime a dozen and you get one for Christmas and use it all year.

If it’s anything near descent, it’ll give you a glimpse of the month, the week, and the day and have some form to keeping you on track with your annual goals.
But the Full Focus Planner takes all that, magnifies it, puts it on steroids and what you are left with is the single best planning resource you can get your hands on.

Experience, Family, Random


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Saturday’s for our family look so chill. We do almost nothing and we love it that way.

Sure there are the experiences we engage in from time to time, but for the most part, we have learned the incredible value of down time. Nothing planned, nothing happening, just nothing.


The Most Popular Post of the Year

I’ve been watching the stats on my blog over the year that I’ve been writing and as we end this year I wanted to reflect on what you, my audience, has chosen or voted, as your favorite post for the year.

It’s a bit shocking to me but it also may go to show what you are most interested in. I’m curious as to why?


I have the time

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Do you ever encounter people that make excuses for you for being too busy?
It happens to me all the time! Like, almost daily!
Today it came in the form of a text message: I hate to bother you but…


Beat the Funk

I woke up with that feeling again.

You know the one, it’s the feeling of lethargy and angst against the entire world. You detest the sound of the alarm clock and even more, everything that follows for the next 14-16 hours before you can close out the world again.

Once again, the funk has you in its clenches and just won’t let go.

What is think funk feeling?

How does it come on, and, even more profound, what’s the secret to making it go away?