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Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I don’t know what it is about the day or time of year, but I have loved this day and everything it represents. The feels of the season are always well in place by this time and the world is about to collectively focus their attention on Christ’s coming.


¿Còmo Amaneciò?

In Spanish they have a phrase that I have loved since I learned it. It’s interesting because we don’t really use this phrase in English, even though it translates well. You all know enough Spanish to get yourselves in trouble I’m sure. Like you would be okay asking someone “¿Hey, Dònde està el baño?” Yes, Hey still translates across languages.

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The Best Tuesday of the Week!

Photo by Jörg on Unsplash

Just a few weeks ago the skies were still overcast and winter continued to hang over our heads. It was as if it would never release its chokehold on us. For months we’ve endured the dreary days of downcast skies and all that you can do with life indoors had lost its excitement long ago.

But today! Today promises to be the best day yet! The sun is out. And it’s Tuesday, my favorite day of the week and the best Tuesday you’re going to have this week!

As I sit in Starbucks this morning, immersed in my Tuesday Setlist, people around are enjoying their Dark Cup of Holy Spirit 😉 (Little inside joke with have at Grand Point Ship), and life looks good again.

Yesterday was another great day of the week. A day full of ministry for me. So many conversations of life change and helping people take one more step in their walk with Christ. Some of the going through some very very tough life situations, but all of them inspired with the hope of the Savior and willing to try just one day more.

Then it struck me. Probably because I’m surrounded in this atmosphere of the Spirit’s presence. I love it when the Lord speaks to me and reminds me of promises He’s already stated. This is what I heard:

We simply underestimate the extent of the Grace of God. It just goes everywhere. Farther than our sin extends and beyond where we feel hope ends.

Open your eyes! Recognize that today, Today you are living and breathing the goodness of the Lord around you. Today is the best Tuesday you’re going to have all week, and it’s sunny, and the Lord Still Moves!

No matter what happens today, the Lord is still in control and that is worth your celebration.