¿Còmo Amaneciò?

In Spanish they have a phrase that I have loved since I learned it. It’s interesting because we don’t really use this phrase in English, even though it translates well. You all know enough Spanish to get yourselves in trouble I’m sure. Like you would be okay asking someone “¿Hey, Dònde està el baño?” Yes, Hey still translates across languages.


How are you with your goals?

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We’re one month into the new year already and it’s a really good time to take a look at your goals and see if you’re on track with where you’re hoping you’d be.

If not, take stock. Where are you getting side tracked that you need to reign in?

Where are you being lazy that you need to step up?


Full Focus Planner

The first time I showed someone my Full Focus Planner, they thought I had lost my mind! Planners, typically, are a dime a dozen and you get one for Christmas and use it all year.

If it’s anything near descent, it’ll give you a glimpse of the month, the week, and the day and have some form to keeping you on track with your annual goals.
But the Full Focus Planner takes all that, magnifies it, puts it on steroids and what you are left with is the single best planning resource you can get your hands on.


Tools for getting things done

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January is all about productivity. I literally feel it sets the tone for the entire year and because of that I spend a lot of time getting ready for January.

If it’s going to set my pulse for the year, then I want to be ready for the exam. I want to help you do the same thing.

Creativity, Purpose

How to get it all done

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Do you ever feel like you just can’t get things finished? Or how about that desire to really be productive, but at the end of the day/week/month and eventually year?
It’s so hard to get the movement, traction you need to really stay on top of it all. The crazy part is that once you get that traction, it’s equally as hard to keep it.
Have you ever really fought through all the mess, the noise and distraction and finally make it to the sweet spot where you are knocking stuff out, only to be met with a sidetrack thought and find yourself back into a 30 minute quest on youtube for stupid videos? Those moments are the worst because then you have to fight that resistance again to refocus and get back into that amazing zone.


How to produce excellence

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I used to be a perfectionist.

Somewhere along the way I started to relax my grip on what ended up perfect. I’m not sure at what point I started not caring so much but in some parts of my life, I like the fact that not everything has to look at feel perfect. Maybe it’s some of the Latin blood that runs through my veins and the concept of “mañana”.


Beat the Funk

I woke up with that feeling again.

You know the one, it’s the feeling of lethargy and angst against the entire world. You detest the sound of the alarm clock and even more, everything that follows for the next 14-16 hours before you can close out the world again.

Once again, the funk has you in its clenches and just won’t let go.

What is think funk feeling?

How does it come on, and, even more profound, what’s the secret to making it go away?



My morning view is exquisite! Like no other. All I hear around me is birds and the occasional airplane passing miles overhead and the hissing of the campfire next to me drying out wet wood

The water in front of me is like glass and is as inviting as a cool drink on a hot day.
It won’t be long before the noise around is all but explosive.

I’ve come to realize that these are the moments that should be defining our lives. These moments of calm and peaceful serenity are the ones that draw us ever closer to the heart of our Father.

Somehow I just wonder if this is what Jesus had in mind when he told the Disciples to “Come, let’s take a break and find a secluded place where you can rest a while”, Mark 6:31 TPT.

I’m all about productivity. In fact it’s probably my loudest anthem, but productivity must be met with equal parts of rest and serenity.

You are only as good productively as you are at resting consistently.

There’s a sign at the gym where I destroy my body in the morning that reads, “almost everything can be fixed if it’s simply unplugged for a minute.”

What do you need to do to unplug for a minute?

I bought a hammock a while back and I take it with me everywhere I go and have used it frequently in the most random of places because of that reality, sometimes you just need a few moments of rest.

But sometimes you need seasons of rest.

The beginning of this year was a time when we felt the Lord put our family into a season of rest that was brought on by an illness Crystal faced. It wasn’t much rest of a lot of angles but it forced her into shutting down everything she was facing and she could literally do and accomplish nothing. It was a season of forced rest.

I wonder what would have been different had we willfully chosen a season of rest before that. Or had we altered our schedules and determinations to be more restful prior to that?

So the question stands, what do you need to do to unplug for a minute? And where do you need to unplug for a season?

Experience, Family, Rest

The Best Yes Life

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It’s not that I consider myself as old or getting too old, but that I am learning the value of every day. The thought occurred to me as we closed the year and began the new and the thought that so many seem to characterize their lives- thank God that year is over, this next one is going to be so much better.

For some, that is most certainly true. I know some people of whom last year was marred by so much loss. They lost friends, family, possessions, relationships, careers, money, some literally they lost the works and, undoubtedly, they are grateful to see a year scared by such loss appear in the rearview mirror. But for other, for the ones who just endured a few consequences of bad decisions, for us to see that in the mirror should not bring relief, it should bring a sense of anticipation. You learned! Learn to love learning!

The thought that so captivated me was the reality that one of the only years of my life is now over. Time, in my mind, is suddenly becoming finite. I am painfully aware of the fact that my days are limited. My time with opportunity to affect change around me is pre-determined.
The moments I have to love my children are not limitless.

Because of that new found truth, I determine to live the Best Yes Life. I have a few best yes’s that I can enjoy and the rest, I’m just not going to worry about.

I don’t want to get to the end of the year, look back and see a history of missed opportunity. I want to look back and see a well chosen story that is marked by sweet memories of Best Yes’s.

I want to see my children laugh, smile and be thrilled by time together.

I want to date my wife like we just met.

I want to put my canoe in the water every week (that it’s warm enough) and enjoy the peace and tranquility of being outside, alone, with God.

I want to choose time over treasure realizing that the treasure may actually be found in time.


Bandwidth for Productivity- Read on Ryder

The busier I get the more my mind races back to a few truths I believe God has given us just for these moments.
I always heard when I was younger, “If the devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.” Not sure how much truth there is to that. Frankly, I hesitate to assign any credit to the devil on any level. Remember, we’ve got the power of Christ on our side, the power that defeated sin and death altogether, so whatever the “devil” wants to send our way has to make it through the filter of Jesus before it even touches us. Just live in that reality for a minute and see what it does for your work ethic.

So today, on another day when I feel like my life is going to implode at any minute, I feel it necessary to take a few minutes and acknowledge God in the middle of my day rather than at the beginning or the end. It’s 2:06PM. I just laid Eliana down for a nap. I hear Ryder reading a story in the living room as he’s laying down for a “nap”. Momma is on field day with the kids today, so I work and dad at the same time. My bandwidth for productivity isn’t very high today, but you know what? I believe that’s okay.
Frankly, I’m not sure productivity equals success as we think it does anyway. Reality is, if we really understand our purpose in life, it’s about connecting to Christ and then connected to people that we can then connect to the Christ. Productivity, from a biblical sense, is all about relationships and you can’t argue with that.

So read on Ryder. I’ll gladly overhear your story. I’ll take 5 to pray through my mess of decisions people are waiting on me for clarity about and when I’m ready, we’ll power through, like a boss.